Hey Clarksville, ‘Tis the season for all things spooky, so we are excited to share this #featurefriday today! We met up with David from Unknown Origin FX, LLC this week and got a tour of his certified home business!
David is a Coast Guard veteran who suffered a traumatic brain injury while serving. While he was going through brain trauma recovery with the Navy, his art therapy class and sculpting in particular, proved to be quite therapeutic. He was highly encouraged to stick with it. This new found talent paired together with his love for Halloween and scary movies, led him to start creating. David wasn’t solely focused on the mask making at first. He set up one year at a show with some other art he had created as well, but noticed most people were interested in the few masks he brought with him. He later entered his first competition at Scarefest in the amateur category, but the judges moved him up to the Professional category, which he took first place in! You can also find two Leatherface pieces in the photos, the first one autographed by Leatherface himself, who gave him advice to make it with real stitching. When David came back to him at a later show with the newer piece, he remembered him and was impressed with his work and took the time to step away and autograph that piece as well.
David travels to different shows and festivals selling his work, which you can also find online. Just head over to his page and give him a follow and you can find the link to his online store there as well! We loved getting to spend time with David and his family this week, and can’t believe how “alive” his creations feel! Be sure to show him some love Clarksville!