Have you heard about one of Clarksville’s newest additions to the business community Grit & Grace : Unique Gifts? They are doing some amazing work for guys struggling with addiction and we are here to tell you all about them on #featurefriday! We just know you’ll love them!!
Grit & Grace is an upscale resell boutique. They sell home décor, glassware, lamps, rugs, and paintings. Most of the products they sell are donated, but they also get items from local estate sales. If you’ve driven by the store on Ashland City Rd, then you’ve probably also seen guys out front washing cars. That’s because all the proceeds the store makes, from in the shop to the car wash, goes back to Adult & Teen Challenge Of Middle Tennessee.
Adult & Teen Challenge is a 12-month faith-based drug and alcohol treatment program for men. The program is broken up into three 4-month phases and the guy’s complete phase one of their treatment here. The local branch is operated by husband-and-wife Justin and Sarah Hosford. Justin had previously gone through the program and decided to stay on as staff to give back. Sarah and Justin began dating and were later offered the job of campus directors. Now, Justin handles the program component and Sarah is in charge of Grit & Grace.
Grit & Grace has become a huge component of these guys’ recovery. All of the workers at the store are currently going through the program themselves. Before the store opened, the guys were sent out to work at a couple different sights in the community, but Sarah and Justin felt like it would work out better if they were doing something that went back into helping their recovery. They also wanted to make sure these guys were put into a safe environment in such a fragile time.
Some stuff in the store is homemade by the guys. You can find pictures they’ve painted and crosses they’ve made that have their life bible verse on the back. If you buy it and take it home, it’s a reminder to think of the person that made it and pray for them on their journey.
Head over to Grit & Grace to help support these men. The store is open every day except Wednesday and Sunday from 10am to 4:30pm. The car wash is during store hours weather permitting.
If you’d like to be a student sponsor, you can pick up a brochure at the store, or go to atctn.org/sponsor.