Who was at our last Mingle with LOCAL?! If you were, then you got to enjoy our next #featurefriday Firelime Offshore Grill. If not, then you missed out because this place is delicious!
David Kumm is the mastermind behind Firelime Offshore Grill. Hailing from Miami, David moved here four years ago after attending a friend’s wedding. In those four years, he has worked at chain restaurants and with Nicoletta’s (which y’all already know we love). He had no intention of opening a food truck when he did, but things fell into place and he opened Firelime in February. Since then, he has been setting up around town and booking events.
David’s background working in seafood restaurants is reflected in the food he creates. He describes his food as “tropical but with a Latin Miami twist.” His dishes are filled with powerful flavors and each has its own salsa to help round out the dish. You’ll also notice that David sets up plants outside of his food truck to help create an ambiance for his customers. In the future, he plans on opening a restaurant that will make people feel like they’ve been transported to an upscale coastal environment. Who’s excited for that?!
Y’all have to go check out Firelime Offshore Grill, your taste buds will thank you! Make sure to like their page to stay in the know of where the truck will be.