We stopped by Jolie’s Château-TN and were surprised at what we found. Did you know that nestled downtown there was a place that helped you craft your own makeup? Jolie’s Château is located just behind Regions Bank on Main Street and is the perfect place for this month’s #FeatureFriday !

Jolie Frederick is originally from Nigeria where she had her own shop, makeup studio, and makeup academy. In 2015, she came to the US to get a franchise deal to sell semi-permanent lashes in Nigeria but met her husband and fell in love.

Her son had really bad diaper rash. As a last-ditch effort to get him some relief, she started using shea butter and the results were amazing. She realized that she could help other people enjoy the benefits of shea butter and her skincare and makeup journey in the US began.

At Jolie’s Château, they sell lotions, oils, bath teas, African liquid black soap, and a variety of makeup items. Almost all of their products have shea butter in them. A lot of research and product testing goes into making each product they sell. Jolie puts an emphasis on making vegan, plant-based and organic products free from chemicals.

Ever wanted to make your own makeup, or just want to learn how Jolie makes her products? You can book an appointment or join them at one of their Drink & Makeup events.

We think that Jolie’s Château is truly a unique addition to the Clarksville community. Go check it out and tell Jolie we said hi!

110 Main Street, suite 100 (The Regions Building downtown)