Happy Friday friends and welcome back to #FeatureFriday! Have you missed it? We sure have! For our first Friday back, we visited Old Glory Distilling Co.

They recently celebrated their fourth birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you a little bit more about them.
Old Glory was founded in 2016 by Clarksville native Matt Cunningham. Before the distillery became a reality, Matt was serving the community as a firefighter. It was during his time off that his fascination turned idea blossomed into Old Glory Distilling Co. He had a vision of building a place where you could bring friends and family when they came to visit, and also pull people off the interstate and into Clarksville.
As with most places, Old Glory was shut down when COVID hit, but Matt quickly realized he could still help serve the community in such a strange time. Production at the distillery switched from making their bourbon, whisky and vodka, to making hand sanitizer. Originally Matt started making it for the local first responders donating the first 12,000 bottles made. Not long after however, Fox News picked up the story and Old Glory has now sent hand sanitizer to all 48 contiguous states and sell it in their gift shop.
Hand sanitizer isn’t the only thing they sell in their gift shop. They have some great items in there that would make awesome Christmas gifts! From ornaments to hand towels to glassware and of course their bourbon whisky, gin, vodka and shine. We think that Old Glory Distilling Co is a great addition to the Clarksville community! Go try some of their products at the tasting and cocktail bar or take a tour of the distillery and show them some love!