Miss Lucille’s Marketplace

Miss Lucille’s Marketplace

A new month means a new #featurefriday! We love giving you guys a more in-depth look at some local businesses so much, that we decided to do TWO a month. The first feature of May will be Miss Lucille’s Marketplace. I’m sure you’ve heard of Miss Lucille’s, but have you checked them out? If not, you should!! They have so much to offer.
Trent Knott was driving down Madison Street one day and saw an empty warehouse. He had always been a picker and decided that he would take that and create something Clarksville needed on this side of town. Nine years later and Miss Lucille’s is still rocking it.
Their marketplace has over 200 boutiques with a wide range of styles to appease everyone. They have a furniture design studio where you can create a one-of-a-kind piece. If you get hungry while browsing their many booths, you can stop into their very own café and enjoy some delicious food or grab some coffee and keep on browsing!
Miss Lucille’s hosts afterhours and in-house events. The Belle Hollow is tucked within Miss Lucille’s and is a great space for weddings, corporate or intimate events. For holidays they have brunch events with Santa, the Easter Bunny and for Mother’s Day.
Stop by and see what they have to offer. You’ll surely find something to take home!
Sango Village Florist

Sango Village Florist

It’s that time of the month again where we get to tell YOU about another awesome business. We hope you love #featurefriday as much as we do!! With Mother’s Day right around the corner, we couldn’t think of a better place to share with you all than Sango Village Florist.
Courtney Berlyak opened Sango Village Florist in 2001. She sold it to family friends, Justin Grant and his sister Brittany Holt when she moved to Texas in 2019. Brittany had experience working with Courtney on weddings, so taking it over to continue her work was a no brainer.
Their main business is through everyday arrangements, but they also do a lot of funeral and sympathy work, weddings, and arrangements for local fundraising events. Need a single or large-scale arrangement? They are the place to go!
For Mother’s Day their vase arrangements are the most popular, but they also carry a large selection of blooming plants that are perfect for those mom’s out there that perfer a longer lasting arrangement.
When you need flowers make sure you think of Sango Village Florist! They gave us a special discount code for our followers. Starting today through May 9th if you use code LOCAL at checkout, you’ll get free local delivery!
Check out their website sangoflowers.com or visit them at 3381 US 41 Alternate
The Hardwood Grove

The Hardwood Grove

It’s #featurefriday time! We just LOVE showcasing our local businesses, Clarksville just wouldn’t be the same without them! This month, we’re talking about The Hardwood Grove, they are veteran owned and have some exciting projects coming up that we know ya’ll will love!
Danny Bell moved to Clarksville in 2006 and brought his years of woodworking experience with him. He decided to share that experience with the Clarksville community and opened The Hardwood Grove in 2019. They can really make anything you need, plaques, cutting boards, custom kitchens, islands, desks, entertainment centers and river tables that feature their own deep pour epoxy. They have a huge variety of woods, which they source from the Tennessee and Kentucky areas. Right now, they’re having a huge lumber sell. Make sure to check that out!
For the river tables, Danny originally used a Canadian based brand of epoxy, but when he opened The Hardwood Grove, he wanted to use a US based brand. He couldn’t find exactly what he was looking for, so he created his own, making it the first Tennessee veteran owned epoxy brand. It combines all the best qualities that Danny was looking for in an epoxy. They are hoping to launch it nationally. Another cool project they will be working on is The Vine on Franklin. The Hardwood Grove will be building the bar, furniture and inside fixtures. You’ll have to go see all their hard work when it opens!
Make sure to think of The Hardwood Grove for all your future woodworking needs. Thanks for serving our country and community Danny!
You can visit their store at 2535 Madison Street, but starting May 1st, they’ll have a set up at Scriptures & Sawdust!
She Gifts of Life, LLC

She Gifts of Life, LLC

Hi friends! It’s time for another Feature Friday. This month we’re talking about SHE Gifts of Life LLC

Have you heard of it? If not, you’ve been missing out!
SHE Gifts of Life is the first fair trade retail store in Clarksville. The concept came about when Syvella Robinson was working for a fair trade organization in Nashville. They did a lot of merchandising around Clarksville and Syvella realized that people here wanted something similar. She took a risk and opened her own fair trade store.
For those that don’t know, fair trade ensures that people in developing countries get a fair and living wage to help reduce poverty and provide ethical treatment of the workers. Another great thing about fair trade is most of the products are upcycled, reused, or repurposed. Nothing goes to waste. At SHE, seventy eight percent of their products are made from female artisans. They are actively advocating for women’s rights all around the world.
Syvella and SHE Gifts of Life are doing great things, not only for our community, but for the world. Syvella says “We are collectively trying to create the world that we want to see. Our job here is to help others and put people and the planet first.”
Jump on over to SHE Gifts of Life and check out their jewelry, home goods, games, accessories and more. They truly have something for everyone. Not only will you be supporting a local business, but also helping make the world just a little bit better. You can find SHE Gifts of Life at:2197 Madison St Ste 104 or buy online at: https://shegiftsoflife.com
Jolie’s Château

Jolie’s Château

We stopped by Jolie’s Château-TN and were surprised at what we found. Did you know that nestled downtown there was a place that helped you craft your own makeup? Jolie’s Château is located just behind Regions Bank on Main Street and is the perfect place for this month’s #FeatureFriday !

Jolie Frederick is originally from Nigeria where she had her own shop, makeup studio, and makeup academy. In 2015, she came to the US to get a franchise deal to sell semi-permanent lashes in Nigeria but met her husband and fell in love.

Her son had really bad diaper rash. As a last-ditch effort to get him some relief, she started using shea butter and the results were amazing. She realized that she could help other people enjoy the benefits of shea butter and her skincare and makeup journey in the US began.

At Jolie’s Château, they sell lotions, oils, bath teas, African liquid black soap, and a variety of makeup items. Almost all of their products have shea butter in them. A lot of research and product testing goes into making each product they sell. Jolie puts an emphasis on making vegan, plant-based and organic products free from chemicals.

Ever wanted to make your own makeup, or just want to learn how Jolie makes her products? You can book an appointment or join them at one of their Drink & Makeup events.

We think that Jolie’s Château is truly a unique addition to the Clarksville community. Go check it out and tell Jolie we said hi!

110 Main Street, suite 100 (The Regions Building downtown)

Old Glory Distillery

Old Glory Distillery

Happy Friday friends and welcome back to #FeatureFriday! Have you missed it? We sure have! For our first Friday back, we visited Old Glory Distilling Co.

They recently celebrated their fourth birthday, and we couldn’t be more excited to tell you a little bit more about them.
Old Glory was founded in 2016 by Clarksville native Matt Cunningham. Before the distillery became a reality, Matt was serving the community as a firefighter. It was during his time off that his fascination turned idea blossomed into Old Glory Distilling Co. He had a vision of building a place where you could bring friends and family when they came to visit, and also pull people off the interstate and into Clarksville.
As with most places, Old Glory was shut down when COVID hit, but Matt quickly realized he could still help serve the community in such a strange time. Production at the distillery switched from making their bourbon, whisky and vodka, to making hand sanitizer. Originally Matt started making it for the local first responders donating the first 12,000 bottles made. Not long after however, Fox News picked up the story and Old Glory has now sent hand sanitizer to all 48 contiguous states and sell it in their gift shop.
Hand sanitizer isn’t the only thing they sell in their gift shop. They have some great items in there that would make awesome Christmas gifts! From ornaments to hand towels to glassware and of course their bourbon whisky, gin, vodka and shine. We think that Old Glory Distilling Co is a great addition to the Clarksville community! Go try some of their products at the tasting and cocktail bar or take a tour of the distillery and show them some love!