Pedigo’s Antiques

Orphelia B. recommends Pedigo’s Antiques:

If Alice in Wonderland, Harry Potter, and Marilyn Manson had a ménage à trois, Pedigo’s Madison Street Antique Store would be their love child.

The store is Mysterious and Magical like Harry Potter.

A Phantasmagoria of fantastic delights like teapots, antiques, and bizarre things you would see in Alice in Wonderland.

Morbid and Creepy yet uber Cool & Posh like Marilyn Manson.

Going inside the store was like falling into a rabbit hole like Alice in Wonderland and finding yourself in a labyrinthine maze of earthly delights in an antique store you would find yourself in a spooky horror movie.

Mrs. Pedigo was very lovely and kind. It was a pleasure meeting her. I noticed that she seem to know every customer in the store. Impressive. The customer service provided by Mark, who worked in the store, was excellent! They seemed like the ideal work family. I did not explore much, yet I will definitely come here again.”

1461 Madison St

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