Gingham Cafe

Gingham Cafe

December 21, 2018

This week’s Friday Feature by Faith brings us to The Gingham Cafe, on Madison Street.

Here, you’ll be greeted with smiles and made to feel like a friend! The atmosphere is warm and everyone seems to know everyone. 

The cafe has been open over five years and they serve some simply delicious homestyle soups, sandwiches, salads and casseroles. (Oh, and desserts, don’t forget dessert!) They also have homemade foods ready for you to pick up from the refrigerator and cook at home! Catering is also available for intimate events and they can usually pull together your event even on short notice, though it is Christmas time now, so… you should definitely inquire as soon as possible for any upcoming events!

The lovely smiling face below belongs to Keliah, who will take great care of you as you dine. She hooked me up with the fabulous GCGC sandwich(Gingham Cafe Grilled Cheese) you see pictured, which is probably the best grilled cheese I have ever had! It is made with havarti cheese and bacon, and the cheese oozes out while cooking and creates an outer crust of cheese… mmmmm! The Cream Corn pudding was served steaming hot (look closely) and is also delish! Tara and Kacie are both huge fans of the egg salad sandwich, so I would say that one is absolutely worth trying if egg salad is your thing.

The Gingham Cafe is definitely another awesome #localbusiness we are lucky to have here in Clarksville! Stop in for lunch, or grab some food for dinner and dessert at home! Tell them we said hello, or maybe even say hi to us, because one of us is likely to be there getting our grub on! 

Thanks to Ms. B, at B’s Cheesecakes for naming The Gingham Cafe as one of her favorite locally owned spots! Check in next week to see which of Gingham’s favorite local businesses will be featured! 

B’s Cheesecakes

B’s Cheesecakes

December 14, 2018

This week’s Friday Feature by Faith is one of the sweetest businesses in town! 

B’s Cheesecakes serves up over 200 flavors of cheesecake on a rotating basis, and the choice of flavors continues to grow! They even offer keto and gluten free options. This family-run business offers up more than amazing cheesecake though. The friendliness, customer service and fun atmosphere all make for an enjoyable visit every time!

Ms. Bonita is an Army brat and native Clarksvillian, who loves to travel, and loves to support local businesses at home, and while on vacation. She goes all out to please her customers. One time, someone was flying into Nashville from Washington state, and then traveling by car through Clarksville to another destination. They had planned to stop for cheesecake but their flight was late. No worries though, B’s stayed open late just for them! <3 This is just one reason why we love supporting local businesses, they can offer the kind of personalized care that you don’t usually see in big business.

B’s is about to celebrate their third anniversary in January and they have baked over 18000 cheesecakes in 2018!! If you haven’t visited them yet, you’re truly missing out! (This is coming from someone who never liked cheesecake before trying B’s!) We hope you will stop in and find a favorite flavor, enjoy the dancing toys and tell them we said hello! 

If you already have a favorite flavor, drop it below! My personal favorite is the elusive tiramisu, pictured above! Thanks to the ladies at Hudubam bookstore for naming B’s as one of their favorite locally owned businesses! Check back next Friday to see which one of Ms. Bonita’s favorite local spots will be featured! See you then! ~ Faith 



December 7, 2018

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Happy Friday everyone!

For our first Friday Feature by Faith, we wanted to introduce you to two lovely ladies that have brought a great spot to downtown Clarksville! 

Aubrey and Ericka are the owners of Humble Universe Disturbers Used Books & More or HUDUBAM for short. They are both adjunct English professors at APSU who met in grad school and became fast friends. 

They’ve taken their love for books and poured it into a bookstore that we can all enjoy! It’s a cozy spot on Franklin Street where they host open mic nights, book readings, writing workshops and more. They even offer proofreading/editing services for local authors!

We love stopping in because you never know what great books you will find, and Ericka and Aubrey are always so fun, friendly and happy to help with whatever you’re looking for! Be sure to check them out the next time you are downtown! 

Oh and be sure to tune in next Friday to see which of their favorite local spots will be featured next!