Hey Noli

Hey Noli

February 15, 2019

Hooray, it’s Friday!!!

It’s been a great week here in Clarksville with so much excitement amongst our local businesses!! We hope you are following along and getting in on the fun as well!

In this edition of Feature Friday, please say hello to Hey Noli! This gem of a store is located downtown, at 106 N. Second Street. Hey Noli was opened up by the lovely Elizabeth back in March of 2017. Any given day, you will find her and/or her mother Jennifer behind the counter. We truly enjoy visiting with them every time we stop in, even from the first time you meet them, they feel like old friends. Elizabeth originally opened the store in Nashville, but it just didn’t feel like home there, with mostly tourists visiting the store. Here in Clarksville, it is so much different, as she gets to see her customers and their families on a regular basis and thoroughly enjoys getting to know each of them!

You may have heard that Hey Noli was a baby store, but that is just one (super cute!) section of the store! They have things for just about everyone. Their most popular items come from their organic skincare lines. They have several great brands with unique products to choose from. You will also find women’s clothing and some home goods here as well. The brands that Elizabeth has chosen to carry are mainly those that are made by small companies in the US, and some of the brands, such as ABLE, have a mission as well, which we absolutely adore. <3

Hey Noli is all about collaborating and supporting other local businesses as well. Look for more pop ups in the future, like the one she had this week with Thistle Sweets TN and Hello Buttercup Flowers, which was so much fun! There will also be some fun new updates happening very soon! Be sure to stop in soon and say hi, and find something special for yourself or someone you love!

I’ll be back next Friday from another great locally owned business!! Check back then, and come say hello on the CM Instagram page in the meantime! Have a great week! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)


Johnny’s Big Burger

February 8, 2019

Today, Faith’s Feature Friday is all about classic Clarksville, a Clarksville icon, if you will. 

Johnny’s Big Burger, located at 428 College Street, just across from APSU, has been feeding hungry college students and the rest of Clarksville since 1965. Although Johnny retired five years ago, his nephew Justin took the reins to keep Johnny’s alive, and for that, we thank him! Justin’s father and several other family members worked in the diner throughout the years, even Justin started helping out and learning the business when he was just 13 years old.

Johnny’s cheeseburgers are their top selling item, and with good reason! Their beef is always fresh, as they have it ground daily. It’s purposely ground three times, which is unique to Johnny’s, and you can certainly taste the difference! My personal favorite (and I am guessing a lot of Clarksville’s) is of course the Honeybun and ice cream, aka bun-n-cream. If you have never been so fortunate to have one, it is a honeybun, grilled to crispy perfection, served with vanilla ice cream on top. I almost had to pull an old picture for this because as soon as it hit the counter in front of me, I started eating it! Luckily, there was enough there to photograph after I spun the plate. ????

At Johnny’s, they work hard, so that you can have the best! This is a tradition started with Johnny in 1965 and proudly carried out to this day. Friendly staff members like Chevy, Debbie, and Alan actually care and work hard to prepare and deliver your food, made to order! If you’ve never been, you might want to go ahead and remedy that, especially if you’re craving a burger! Please note, Johnny’s is a cash only establishment, but if you forget your cash, there is an atm near the door. 

Special thanks to Brandon at Briggs for mentioning Johnny’s as one of their favorite locally owned spots! Check back next week to see who sends me where! ???? I am loving getting to share the many unique places here in Clarksville! See you next week, or of course, you can always come say hi on our Instagram page! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)


Journey’s Eye Studio

February 1, 2019

Is it Friday already??

I hope everyone has a had a great week and is looking forward to the upcoming warmer temps as much as I am!! This week’s Feature Friday location was mentioned by more than one business owner, and also happens to be one of my favorite places to visit as well. Journey’s Eye Studio, located at 131 Franklin Street, was opened by Steve and Jody, three years ago. They had lived and raised their family in Boston, where Jody had been working in interior design and Steve was a home builder by day, and craftsman by night. When it came time to “retire” – they started looking for the perfect, up and coming city to open their store. After much searching, they came to Clarksville to visit Steve’s brother, who had retired from the military and stayed here. They also liked what they found here, had dinner at the Blackhorse one evening, and noticed the building for sale across the street and that was all she wrote! 

At Journey’s Eye, you will find a carefully curated collection of a great variety of items, and best of all, hospitality and friendly faces. There’s always a warm welcome from whoever is working that day, you can even sit and play a game of chess, enjoy some coffee or hot cocoa, and there are always goldfish and animal crackers waiting for the littles! (If you are a crazy photographer, they don’t even look at you funny when you ask if you can lay in the floor and photograph their ceiling. ????) You can also spot some of Steve’s handiwork here in the store, and basically all over downtown, at places like The Copper Petal, Roux, and Strawberry Alley. 

If you are looking for a fun date night, watch their social media for tickets to monthly concerts with a variety of touring artists. It’s always a relaxed atmosphere and a fun evening! The next one is coming up February 23.

I asked Jody what they love about Clarksville and she had the best answer! She mentioned the people, and the camaraderie, and the fact that we try to enjoy, or celebrate each day, and then she summed it up with, “people take the time to love each other here.” <3 So stop in and check out all of the beautiful things that Jody has found, and enjoy their hospitality! 

Thanks to all who suggested Journey’s Eye, and stay tuned next week to see who is next! I have suggestions from several places now and am working my way through them all!! I am thinking about some yummy food for next week! See you then, or over on our IG page in the meantime! – Faith (@Faith Doggett Photography)

Briggs Clothiers

Briggs Clothiers

January 25, 2019

This week, Faith’s Feature Friday brings us to Briggs Clothiers, a high end custom men’s clothing store.

Briggs is a family owned business that has been operating in Clarksville for 47 years now, and is currently being run by second and third generation family members! They were originally located on Riverside Drive, thankfully they relocated just 6 weeks before the flood in 2010, or they would have lost everything. They are now located at 1990 Madison Street and are open from 9am-6pm M-F, and 9-5 on Saturday.

At Briggs, they offer top notch customer service and a custom fit. You will find everything from suits to casual wear. They focus on clothing made in the USA, and they even have their own shirt line, which is custom made, available in 99 sizes and fabrics, and can be delivered to your door in 7-10 days. They also carry brands such as Barbour, which can only be found in a very limited number of stores in Tennessee. Great gift items are also available here, from beautiful Kiel James Patrick watches to the solid cologne and skin care items from Fulton and Roark. (Check out our IG story to see an awesome wallet that you can find at Briggs!)

Thanks to The Copper Petal for mentioning Briggs as one of their favorite local stores! We can totally see why they love it! See you next Friday from one of MY favorite places!! -Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)
*storefront and Briggs staff/family pictures courtesy of Briggs Clothiers

Smooves Grill

Smooves Grill

January 18, 2019

It is time for another Feature Friday by Faith!

Thanks to our followers naming some of their fav local spots on Ft. Campbell Blvd, I found Smoove’s Grill! I know Tara and Eleyce have been there before, but I never knew about it, and I loooove bbq and smoked foods. So, off I went!

Thanks to Smoove and his brother Trevor for showing me around in the rain yesterday! It was a quick visit because they were busy of course, but man oh man, we all loved our dinner last night!! We had the brisket (which you might know I’m a sucker for, if you follow us on Instagram) and some pulled pork as well. We really enjoyed both of those meats, but I must say, the smoked mac and cheese was amazing! My favorite comfort food + smoke flavor =????! Looking at the pictures, I am sorry I didn’t grab some of those chicken wings too! They even had a special menu item yesterday with smoked turkey chili, which looked and smelled so yummy. 

Smoove’s is in it’s third year of business now, but Smoove has been grilling meat since he was a kid, and started smoking meats about four years ago. (We are so glad he did!) So, if you are on the other side of town and love smoked foods, it’s definitely worth a trip up North to get some. Be prepared for a little wait time as they tend to be a busy spot! They are open Wednesday through Saturday from 11a-7pm at 2167 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Please note they will be closed next week, Jan 23rd-26th, so go get your grub on this week, or you’ll have to wait until the 30th!

Have another great week, I’ll see you next Friday! ~ Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)

The Copper Petal

The Copper Petal

January 11, 2019

Hello Clarksville, it’s Friday!!

Woohoo, we made it through another work week! ???? It’s time for another Friday Feature by Faith, and this week we paid a visit to The Copper Petal, downtown, at 127 Franklin Street. The Copper Petal is a women’s clothing store that has seen tremendous growth. Owned by Megan Baggett and her husband Luke, The Copper Petal started as a booth boutique at Miss Lucille’s, and in July of 2018, they added the storefront downtown. They also have an online store, and have just added warehouse space as well!

The Baggetts enjoy creating a feeling of community in their store, and it shows. Megan said she really enjoys getting to see and know each of her customers as they come in. The store has a very warm atmosphere, and the staff are always eager to help you find the perfect outfit or gift. You can shop for anything you need from beanies to footwear, and everything in between. You will even find some special occasion dresses or the perfect hair tie, and great gift items as well. They, of course, carry some trendy clothes, but they also have classic wardrobe pieces to choose from as well. I highly recommend paying them a visit if you haven’t already and seeing what perfect pieces you can add to your wardrobe! Oh, and definitely check their social media to see some great events that are coming up at the store!

Thanks to Roux and Journey’s Eye staff for nominating The Copper Petal for this week’s feature! Luke and Megan are great supporters of local businesses here in town, she listed SO MANY great places for me to choose from for a future Friday Feature, so stay tuned to see who that will be! Next week, I will be featuring another business on the Fort Campbell side of town thanks to the great suggestions y’all gave last week! Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram! -Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)