May 31, 2019

Hey Clarksville!!

SMILE, it is Friday, and it is a beautiful day too! In this week’s #FeatureFriday, we would like to introduce you to Willie Bailey of smilewb. com and his mission to spread positivity! Willie is a NY native, Veteran of the US Navy, and alumnus of APSU who calls Clarksville home. He is a photographer and also one of our local firefighters, and we have much love and appreciation for him and the entire Clarksville Fire Rescue! <3

Have you ever been out and about and shared a smile, only to be grimaced at or ignored completely? Back in 2011, Willie experienced two days in a row of unnecessary grumpiness, and decided to do something about it! From his website: “A smile is that facial expression characterized by an upward curving of the corners of the mouth and indicating pleasure or amusement. It is one form of exercise that actually feels good to do. More often than not, it is contagious and a fitting phrase when taking photographs.” Always inspired by his mother’s relentless positivity, he used the Mom’s Typewriter font, in honor of her, to shout SMILE in bright yellow caps! He then created small stickers with this logo to pass out and spread cheer! Willie was soon encouraged by a friend to make some t-shirts with the logo as well. His SMILE. shop is located inside of Riverside Bicycle Shop, with t-shirts, mugs, hoodies, beanies and other items available, and some of his favorite photographs on display. You can also find his merchandise inside other local businesses like Strawberry Alley Aleworks, Old Glory Distillery, and RunAmuck Outfitters, and of course his website!

The merchandise is completely secondary to the message though! Willie has big plans to continue getting the message out and he is currently looking for outdoor wall space here in Clarksville to put this reminder to SMILE in mural form! (Yes, please!) If you have a space of 3’x5′ to 4’x6′ and would love to spread smiles across our city, please send him a DM on his IG page! (www. It always puts a smile on his face when people send/share their smile photos with him. Let’s do our part to spread some joy and share some smiles below! 

FIGYELMEZTETÉS: Ha a fiú a szexuális képességeket a fő képességével, és semmi erősebbé nem veszi, akkor komoly problémái lehetnek az önértékeléssel, ha valami miatt kétségbe vonja az előnyeit. Ezért egy itt van a gyógyszer partnernek nagyon óvatosnak kell lennie. Ha ma fáradt vagy, és nem a hangulat, hangsúlyozza, hogy szexuális óriás, akkor most már csak egy kicsit nem vagy a formájából, de később örömmel fogja megtenni.

I will catch you next Friday with a Feature Friday: Farm edition! In the meantime, you can find me on our IG page! Take care, enjoy your week, and SMILE Clarksville!! - Faith Doggett Photography


Golly G’s

Golly G’s

May 3, 2018

Happy Friday Clarksville!!

You made it through another week! We think you should celebrate with ICE CREAM! This week’s #FeatureFriday brings us to the fabulous Golly G’s Coffee, Ice Cream & Sweets – Clarksville, TN!

Golly G’s is the brainchild of Joey Boykin, who has had a lifelong affinity for ice cream! He always made homemade ice cream and had dreamed of having his own ice cream shop since he was a teenager. As fate would have it, he was able to open up the first Golly G’s location, just down the road in Pleasantview, in February of 2016. Luckily for Clarksville, he opened the Madison Street location in June of 2017, followed by a third location that just opened up at the Downtown Commons in November of 2018!

Golly G’s has a total of over 60 flavors of ice cream that they serve on a rotating basis, some standard flavors, some seasonal… Some of our favorite Golly G’s ice cream flavors are the Banana Pudding, Tennessee Fudge, Salted Caramel, Whoppers(the candy, not the burger) and Moon Rocks! They also currently have a Dole Whip, and soon to come will be Lemon Icebox Pie, and Blackberry Cobbler will arrive in July! Joey and his team are always imagining new flavors and welcome customer flavor ideas as well!

Don’t think that it is only about the ice cream though. You can grab a chicken salad sandwich for lunch, and they also serve up some amazing baked goods! You can order ice cream cakes, pick up a gigantic cinnamon roll or frosted sugar cookies, or other items like cheesecake and cupcakes! They have gluten free options, keto bombs, and also some dairy free ice cream as well. Golly G’s also serves locally roasted Plumbline coffee as well! 

Joey is a great believer in community over competition, and gladly networks with other ice cream makers around the country, and is happy to support local “competition” as well! In his words, “we’re so much better when we work together.” Golly G’s values are as follows: Kindness, Excellence, Service, Community, and Fun. That is the heart of who they are, what they do, and what they will become! 

We are so happy to have Golly G’s in Clarksville, and grateful for dreams come true! Congratulations on your success Joey, we can’t wait to see what the future holds for Golly G’s!!

Check back next week for another fabulous local business, and come say hello to me on our LOCAL Clarksville IG page in the meantime! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)

Re:Defined Boutique

Re:Defined Boutique

April 26, 2019

Hey, hey, it’s Friday!! Woohoo!

This week’s #FeatureFriday brings us to a boutique with a mission to serve all shapes and sizes, Re:defined Boutique located at 1835 Madison Street. Re:defined has been in business for over five years now, starting with wild success at their Pleasant View location, Jenna Boykin decided to open up a second location here in Clarksville with the help of Kayla Goad-LeVan. Jenna is a Clarksville native, APSU grad, and here’s another fun fact: she is married to our favorite ice cream man, Joey, from GollyG’s! 

The idea of Re:defined was planted when after years of struggling with self worth and self confidence issues, extreme dieting, and developing a full fledged eating disorder, Jenna had walked out of an amazing local boutique still unable to find anything that fit her. After seeking treatment for that eating disorder in 2012, Jenna realized the majority of women deal with negative body image, and she decided to use her suffering for good! The idea was to spread the message of “loving the body God gave you” in order to Re:define beauty on the small town level and let it spread throughout our culture! 

With a mission to find beautiful, trendy clothing for as many sizes, shapes and ages as possible, Re:defined carries styles in sizes XS-3XL. They have a seriously beautiful assortment of clothing, shoes, leather bags from ABLE, and accessories to round out your look! (I LEGIT had a hard time weeding out pictures of all of the cute clothes!) Be sure to stop in and shop with them for some cute summer wardrobe options! 

Jenna loves the strong sense of community here in Clarksville, with its ability to always be welcoming to newcomers, like our wonderful military families! Her story is just one more story of one of our amazing neighbors finding a unique way to support this community! Helping ALL women find clothing that makes them feel good, really is a great and much needed thing! Thank you Jenna for following your heart! This is why we #LoveLOCAL We will be back next week with a sweet feature! Hmmm… wonder what that could be… Until then, please come say hi over on our IG page! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)


Natural Selection

April 5, 2019

What’s happening, Clarksville?!

It is Friday!! Woohoo! We are back from Spring break to tell you all about this week’s #FeatureFridaybusiness, veteran owned,  Natural Selection, with two locations, in and around Clarksville! The Natural Selection kitchen is located on Ft. Campbell Blvd, just outside of Gate 6 of Fort Campbell, while their Juicery location is located at 1790A Tiny Town Road, in front of the movie theater and open from 7am to 9pm.

Alex and Adriana opened their meal prep service in 2016 with the goal of providing a healthy alternative to fast food restaurants. Originally starting in their kitchen to provide meals for fellow service members, they opened the kitchen location in December of 2016 and expanded with the juicery in September of 2018. We are absolutely over the moon with their #local meal prep services, which allow you to pick up a healthy meal off the shelf, or order ahead for a la carte, or meals in packs of 5, 10, 15, 20, or 25, or you can subscribe to a plan for even greater savings! Their website,, walks you through everything step by step, or you can stop in either location and get help choosing your plan as well. Some of the yummy options to choose from are Cajun Tilapia, Honey Sriracha Chicken, #Keto Taco bowls, and Seared Sirloin Steak. 

On Wednesdays and Fridays, they serve a popular hot lunch of turkey burgers from 11:30am – 1pm at the Ft. Campbell Blvd location! Over at the Juicery, you can pick up snacks and meals from the cooler, get some fresh pressed juice, like my Applelicious juice pictured below. (For people like me, this may be the easiest way to get your veggies, hidden by the taste of apple and lemon! ????) They also have delicious açaí bowls, smoothies, and teas, along with ginger shots to boost your immune system!

Their latest venture, launched just last week, is their own line of CBD products! They have spent months developing a high quality line of products, from gummies to flavored oils and vape products! You can find out everything you need to know about CBD products on their website! Their products are available at both locations, and will also be available in other locally owned stores! <3

Congrats on your growing business, Alex and Adriana! Thank you for having the vision to help ease the burden on busy families and following through to create so many wonderful options for all of us! 

Have a great week Clarksville! Check back next Friday for some local farm fun! Until then, I will see you on the CM Instagram! Come and say hello! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)



March 8, 2019

Hey, hey, hey, it’s FRIDAY!!

Hope it has been a fabulous week for you all! This week’s #featurefriday brings us to AndVinyl, a record store, opened by brothers Tony (pictured below) and Matt, in November of 2018 and located at 139A Franklin Street in downtown Clarksville.

Matt and Tony relocated to Clarksville from Arkansas and California, respectively, in 2017. Being a music lover, and working in the music industry already, Tony had the urge to open up a record store. So they started small with a booth at Miss Lucille’s in February of 2018 and with it doing well, they jumped on the space downtown when it became available! 

Some of you are surprised right now that records are a thing again. They are, and we think it is awesome! Records just have a different, fuller sound, and a greater social aspect than the soon to be gone CD’s and current digital downloads or streaming. Records and record players are conversation starters. There is a tangible enjoyment to holding the record, looking at the liner notes, and watching the record spin as it cranks out the tunes. &Vinyl is all about that social aspect, they do not wish to be *just* a record store. They are out to create more of a community feel, a place where you feel like a friend. You can even sit and play a game, or read a magazine on their comfy couch!

At &Vinyl, you will find new albums, fresh from the presses, and used records, that will take you back in time. You can, of course, also grab a brand new turntable here, record storage boxes, and a variety of band t-shirts. They also have After Hours shows once a month, always free, and always all ages welcome! (Parents are encouraged to use their discretion regarding each artist’s material.) This month’s show is March 17th at 8pm, with Thomas America, who is donating all proceeds from album sales that night to the Sexual Assault Center.????

So whether you are looking for new or classic albums, feeling nostalgic, or you’re just waiting for a table at the Blackhorse, pop in and say hi to the guys, and see what’s available! Thanks to Wicked Good Sandwiches for naming &Vinyl as one of their favorite local businesses. Check back next week to see who is next! (Hint: I am feeling hungry!) In the meantime, come say hello over on our IG page! – Faith ( Faith Doggett Photography)


Wicked Good Sandwiches

Wicked Good Sandwiches

February 22, 2019

Just in time for lunch, this week’s Feature Friday brings us to Wicked Good Sandwiches!

Jason, who moved here 20 years ago to attend APSU, and his wife Patti, a Clarksville native, opened Wicked Good back in 2012 in a small building across from APSU. They have since moved up the road to 605 Cumberland Drive, where they have a much roomier space! You’ll find lots of references to APSU here, from the menu to the walls! The staff is friendly and they stay on top of keeping you happy while you visit!

At Wicked Good Sandwiches, you can of course choose from a great variety of amazing sandwiches, burgers and apps, as well as breakfast items. Their signature “Peay” bread, is a personal favorite! It is a loaf big enough to share with everyone, stuffed with cheese and pepperoni!! Be sure you order ahead for it though, as it does take an hour to prepare. The Italian Grinder Sandwich is also a new favorite! Soooo good!

Jason and Patti have done well to craft a family friendly atmosphere with a mini arcade area, and all age shows happening on a regular basis. The last Thursday of every month (next week!) you can even bring the family for karaoke fun! They haven’t left out the college students and adults though. Every Monday is college night, and Military Appreciation day is the first Saturday of every month. Be sure to check out their event listings for upcoming shows! 

Wicked Good is also available to host or cater your next private party, or event! And if you are trapped in your office all day, you can even call them to arrange delivery! Next time you need to grab a quick lunch or are craving something new and delicious, stop in and enjoy! Be sure to tell them we said hi!

Thanks to B’s Cheesecakes (and others) for mentioning Wicked Good as one of their favorite local spots! I will see you here next week with another feature business, or you can catch me over on our IG page all week! Have a great one! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)