Revel House Pub and Eatery

July 26, 2019

Good Friday morning Clarksville!

We hope everyone is having a great week! It’s been a little quieter around here as Kacie and Tara are enjoying some quality time with their families. I am here though with a tasty Feature Friday to bring in the weekend!

I had the pleasure of meeting with Dawn, the owner of Revel House Pub and Eatery yesterday (and her little man!)! Dawn began working at this location when it was the Gilroy, she worked there for 5 years, as a bartender and then manager. It was here that she met the man she would later marry, and with him being a soldier, they PCS’d out of state. When she heard the Gilroy had closed, she felt the pull to come back and keep the place that felt like home to her, alive. But with a fresh take and a focus on good food with a family friendly atmosphere. (All of this while her husband is deployed!) So you will undoubtedly run into her little man tagging along to take care of business, which we think is great! 

Now, about the amazing food… At Revel House, you will not find any fried food, but you will find some creative combinations of deliciousness! Confession: I have never been a huge fan of beer cheese, but the Hops’ cheese at Revel House won me over! I had their perfectly seasoned potato wedges with it and then had to try Roy’s Mac-n-Cheese, which did not disappoint. I also had the BBQ chicken Flatbread pizza. BBQ chicken pizza is one of my all time favorites, but at some places, the flavor doesn’t quite mesh. However, at Revel House, it was the perfect blend of everything! I was too full for a burger, but totally stalked the meals of nearby diners and grabbed a picture of The ‘Roy burger for you! All burgers are a 1/2 pound, and this one comes with two eggs, cheddar cheese, bacon, lettuce, tomato and onion and the house White Lightning sauce, and looks AMAZING! Their slow cooked pulled pork is also a must try!

Coming very soon, Revel House will begin serving Sunday Brunch!! Follow them on social media to find out when! Dawn has worked very hard to create some fabulous mimosa options and coffee creations to complement your Sunday brunch. They also have daily events to keep up with: Military Mondays, Open Mic Tuesdays w/Clarksville Music Scene, Working Women’s Wednesday and live music on Friday nights as well. They currently open at 4pm, but once APSU is back in session, they will be open for lunch as well!

Have a great week y’all! Stay tuned for the next Feature Friday, and come over and say hello to us on Instagram in the meantime! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)




July 12, 2019

Good Friday morning Clarksville!

It’s Feature Friday time! This hot weather put us in the mood for some relief, so we took sanctuary at Snowie, located at 1191F Ft. Campbell Blvd! 

This is by far, one of our favorite places to grab a snack and a little bit of fun as well! Snowie was opened in March of 2018, by Randy Rhoden, a veteran of the US Army, and his wife Vanessa! Living on the north side of town with their three children, they wanted to provide something on that side of town for families to enjoy!

The shaved ice is amazing, with 101 (see what they did there?) flavors to choose from, there are so many possibilities! I combined the cherry and cream soda and it was my favorite so far! The boys love the Zombie Antivirus, and well, pretty much every flavor! ????They have a variety of toppings available, from gummy army guys to whipped cream to dill pickles! You can also choose from nachos, hot dogs, pretzels and 12 flavors of cotton candy. And if you really want to treat yo’self, grab a cotton candy burrito! It’s a cotton candy “shell” with fruity pebbles and vanilla ice cream on the inside! ????

Last, but not least, the kids can enjoy the chalkboard wall, a game of checkers or foosball, and arcade games, all for free, while enjoying their treats! And when the weather is NOT blazing hot, there is even an outdoor seating area to enjoy with an outdoor game or two as well! 

Randy has been overseas, so we couldn’t get together with them for a photo this week, but Vanessa sent us a selfie to include today! Thanks for this great place to hang with our kiddos, and we can’t wait to see you back here soon Randy! We’ll see you next week with another great local business feature! Come and say hi to us over on IG in the meantime! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)


Meet Local

June 28, 2019

Hello Clarksville!!

This week’s #FeatureFriday is just a quick highlight of some of the fun from last night’s first ever Meet LOCAL event!! A huge thank you to YOU, Clarksville, for showing up and meeting some of our amazing local business owners! We hope you found some new favorite places to enjoy! Thanks to all of the businesses who joined in and brought the fun!! Y’all rocked it! We can’t wait for next year! Here are just a few of the fun moments we captured! We would love to see YOUR pictures and hear about your favorite stops throughout the night!

Don’t forget to drop off your completed passports with 25 or more stamps to any Lasater’s by July 7th to be eligible to win one of MANY gift cards! If you weren’t able to attend last night, you can still pick up a passport at several locations, like Hey Noli, The Copper Petal, Lasaters and at Sacer & Savive’s airstream at the downtown market! Then, just pay a visit to at least 25 of the local businesses inside to get your stamps!

Catch y’all next week with a sweet local spot that is perfect for summer! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)



June 21, 2019

Good Friday morning Clarksville!

It’s time for a #FeatureFriday, philanthropic edition! I had the honor of actually getting out with some of my favorite people yesterday, the ladies of YAIPaks!

Founded by Sherry Nicholson just a few short years ago, Yaipaks’ purpose is to serve the under-resourced through acts of kindness. Sherry and her team head out each week to reach homeless encampments in Clarksville and Nashville, making sure that these precious people are not forgotten and that they have their basic needs met, while hoping to help them transition into housing. At our second stop yesterday, the first young man to the trailer showed up with no shoes. The ladies were able to give him fresh socks and a new pair of shoes, and get everyone stocked up on MREs, tents, tarps, water, umbrellas and flashlights, bug spray and blankets, among other things.

Some of you may think that there are shelters for them to go to if they want help, but the reality is that all of the shelters in this area are at max capacity. With the growth and rise in housing costs that come with it, there is a huge lack of affordable housing available as well. Add in complications like needing to have an ID when yours is lost or stolen, or being a homeless family that does not want to be separated, or simply being in fear from a variety of circumstances, and it is easier to see how this crisis is growing. With a population of approximately 10,000 homeless in and around Nashville alone, the need is great.

With so many people living paycheck to paycheck, all it takes is one medical crisis or adverse event to put people out on the streets. Here in Montgomery County, we have an estimated 200 children who are either sleeping in cars or on a friend’s couch. Sherry and her team also work closely with DCS and the school system to provide care packages for children entering foster care, or who just may need a little help with food, clothing or school supplies. They also provide Totes of Hope, for Veterans getting off the streets and into housing, so they can move in with a supply of basic housing goods. It is estimated that 8% of the homeless population are Veterans, and I was happy to meet a few of them yesterday, and also moved by their situation. One of them said that if it hadn’t been for these ladies, that they would have given up on life already. The magnitude of those words right there… wow. I sure hope that I can play a part in making such a huge difference in the life of a stranger.

The reality is, we can all help in some way! YAIPaks would not be possible without the support of this community! You are invited to serve in the warehouse on Monday mornings, or Thursday evenings to sort through donations to help route things to their final destination. You can also drop off gently used or new item donations, or you can donate online! The last two pictures contain all of that info, and I will post their website in the comments as well.

I hope this post leaves you feeling blessed and eager to make a difference in the lives of others! Have a great week Clarksville! I will catch you next Friday or see you on the IG in the meantime! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)

Thistle Sweets

Thistle Sweets

June 14, 2019

Kicking off the weekend with this drool worthy #FeatureFriday!

Say hello to Alie, the talented lady behind Thistle Sweets TN! With flavors like key lime, carrot cake, raspberry and cookie dough, to name just a few of her near 50 flavors, her French macarons are creating lines wherever she pops up in town! (My personal favorite is the salted caramel, what’s yours??)

Alie learned to create macarons while in college, getting her degree in business. She did it for fun at the time, and it became a great stress reliever before it became something that she even thought about as a career. Once she graduated, she found herself working in Nashville, but not enjoying the commute, or the job she had. Her rockstar of a boyfriend, Daniel, encouraged her and offered to foot the bills while she went after her dream and started making macs for all of Clarksville to enjoy! And for that, we thank him!

She has had pop up shops at several local businesses, and is now at the Clarksville Downtown Market every other Saturday, she won’t be there tomorrow, but look for her macs next Saturday, the 22nd! Alie will also be at The Peach Party at Miss Lucille’s on June 29th, so be sure to grab a ticket for that!

A few months ago, Alie was able to find the cutest little A-frame building to set up her kitchen and pick up shop! With lots of hard work on her part and major help from her Dad, and Daniel, they’ve made it even cuter! Mark your calendars for July 13, for the Grand Opening of her pick up shop, located at 1880 Woodlawn Road!! Alie has invited several other boss babes to be there, selling their amazing creations as well! The event will be from 11 am to 5pm, and we are looking forward to the celebration! Stay tuned to her amazing social media for pick up days and times, and events as well! 

See you next week with another fabulous local business! Come over and say hello on IG in the meantime! Have a great week Clarksville! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)

Tennessee Grass Fed

Tennessee Grass Fed

June 7, 2019

A rainy Friday is still a Friday! ???? 

It’s time for a #FeatureFriday, Farm edition! We are so excited to share a little visit with Tennessee Grass Fed. Their beautiful 422 acre farm, at 335 Williams Road, has been in operation within their family since 1837, earning it the distinction of a Century Farm. Owner, Mr. Phil Baggett, was kind enough to chauffeur me around on a rainy day while we talked about the history of the farm, and his life growing up here.

Phil’s Great-Grandfather bought the original tract of land in 1837, his Grandfather added to it 40 years later, and his Father purchased an adjoining 160 acres in 1947. Phil and his family inherited both farms and they’ve gradually added to it as well. You cannot help but appreciate the beauty of the land and the history here. Mr. Baggett shared his gratefulness for the hard work of his parents and family, and even showed me the family plot, where every branch of the military is represented by a family member who served.

Phil and his wife Kathy started the transformation to grass-fed farming in 2007 in an effort to heal and improve the land, which was originally used for growing tobacco and row crops. All that comes with those crops was too much for the land, and involved too many chemicals. They chose to instead produce products that would be healthier for people, and the land as well. All of their products are produced sustainably, naturally, and without the use of antibiotics or hormones. The cattle graze in open pastures on a rotational basis, with different types of grass for the seasons. The pigs also have their run of pasture, and supplements of veggies and just enough grain for protein, and the chickens are free range as well. 

You can shop their website to join a CSA or to place orders for pickup at the downtown market, and several other locations around Clarksville, Middle TN and even Hunstville, AL! You can also drive out to the farm store, which is open from 10-3 M-F. You’ll be able to pick up butter, yogurt, local honey, grass-fed beef, pastured pork,(ie amazingly delicious sausage!) and even wild caught Alaskan salmon, tuna and gulf shrimp from trusted resources. If you’re wondering why grass-fed is better you can definitely find a lot of information on their website! One thing we can tell you is that it is lower in fat and calories and higher in Omega-3 fatty acids than conventional beef. The other thing we can tell you is that it is delicious! My family has been customers for several years now, and we absolutely love their products!

Have a great weekend Clarksville! Shop LOCAL, tag us in your fun and finds! I will be back next week with a tasty Feature Friday! Catch you on the Insta in the meantime! – Faith (  Faith Doggett Photography)