Atlas Coffee & Co

Atlas Coffee & Co

It’s Feature Friday time again! This week, we stopped by Atlas Coffee & Co at 1590 Walnut Grove Road. Bringing a piece of the Pacific Northwest, owners Katherine and Harukao opened Atlas in August of 2021, and they have been growing ever since! Atlas serves coffee, tea, Red Bull Italian sodas, and breakfast sandwiches among other snack items. We are pretty sure their Anti-Morning Morning Club, is the best coffee shop slogan ever! Aaand their drinks, like the Banana Bread Latté, are 😘.
Though they have only been open for a year, Atlas Coffee & Co has gotten an immense amount of support from the local community. To show their appreciation, they have built a shaded outdoor seating area with a few swings and their newest addition… a dog park! Bring your furry companion to enjoy a puppuccino while you sip on your fresh coffee.
The future is looking bright for Atlas as they continue to expand. With their location close to gate 10 of Fort Campbell, they are now collaborating with food trucks and pop-up shops to provide a one-stop destination for soldiers, and families alike. Local vendors and food trucks are encouraged to reach out to them if you’re interested! We’ll leave their link in the comments, where you can also head over and check out their full menu and even order online! Be sure to give them a follow to stay up to date with everything they have going on!
They’re open 5am-5pm M-F, and 7a-3p on weekends! As always, be sure to tell them LOCAL sent ya!
Mochas & Minis

Mochas & Minis

The kids are out of school and it’s time to fill those days. Mochas & Minis Indoor Play & Cafe – Clarksville has some great options, and we’re telling you all about them in this #featurefriday.
Mochas and Minis was opened by Cheyenne and her husband Jeremy. They felt Clarksville had a lack of play options for younger kids. Their solution was Mochas and Minis, an indoor play area for children 8 and under with a toddler section for 3 and under. They also have a trendy café with locally roasted coffees, red bull refreshers, panini sandwiches and more. They have a small vendor wall where you can find all sorts of locally crafted items. From bows and teethers to cups and stickers, you’ll find something to take home.
Their walk-in open play sessions are 2 hours and are available Monday through Saturday from 9-5. If your little one loves to play, check out their discounted play pass membership. The play space offers a great opportunity for imaginative play. Got a birthday coming up? Ask them about how to book the space for private parties customized to meet your needs!
They have a ton of events happening this month! June 9th they are having a free plant a flower session. Kids will be given little planters and seeds. They’ll also learn about how to plant flowers. June 10th and 24th there will be BYOB sip and paint classes. For Father’s Day, they are doing free donuts with dad on June 17th. You’ll be able to grab a donut and do some bonding. To kick summer off right, they are giving away ice cream on June 21st. For a full list check their event tab.
If you have young kids and haven’t stopped by Mochas and Minis go check them out. Don’t forget to tell ‘em who sent ya!
The Christie Boutique

The Christie Boutique

It’s finally starting to feel like Spring around here. That means it’s time for a wardrobe refresh. Well ladies, this #featurefriday is for you! And dudes, listen up because the women in your life are sure to love The Christie Boutique located at 2170 Fort Campbell Blvd. 🧡 Owned by Heather and her mom Charlotte, the boutique brings affordable, fun, and bright prints to the north side of town.
Heather was living overseas and had been contemplating opening a business with her mom. They had a couple businesses in mind, but went with a clothing boutique because they both love clothes. Just three weeks after Heather returned home, they opened the boutique. Since opening, they have built up a dedicated clientele that keeps coming back week after week.
Having grown up on the north side of town, Heather knew that was where she wanted to open the boutique. There aren’t many clothing stores up there and she wanted to make sure the residents, especially the military personnel and their families, were taken care of. They also have a heart for other small business owners. They currently host 10 vendors in the boutique, including foods, crocheted items, tumblers, and bath bombs. If that wasn’t enough to convince you to stop by, they also have great prices! Nothing in the store is over $45. If you can’t make it to the store, don’t fret! They ship throughout the U.S. and overseas to Germany, Italy, Japan, and Korea.
Ladies, if you’re looking for a fun night out, they host a monthly bunco night. The entry fee is $20 per person prior to the event, and you must be 21 years of age or older. They provide light refreshments. Everyone goes home with a gift card to the store ranging from $10- $50. You can sign up on their event page. They’ve also hosted craft nights for soap making and charcuterie board making. They plan on hosting another candle-making workshop sometime in June, so be on the lookout for that!
If you want to see what new items they’ll have each week in the store, catch them live every Friday night at 7 pm on Facebook. You’ll get 15-75% off and get a chance to see what the vendors are selling. Be sure to give them a follow to stay up to date with all of the things!
Gladiator Brewing Co.

Gladiator Brewing Co.

Who’s ready for another #featureFriday? We sure are! This week we want to tell you about Gladiator Brewing Co. If you haven’t heard of them, they are a Service-Disabled Veteran-Owned Brewery. They focus on what they call antiquity craft beers, meaning beers that have been around for hundreds and sometimes thousands of years.
Gladiator Brewing came about when owners James and Funda Pradke were in a tragic car accident. They both lost their jobs after the accident and realized they needed something that they could use as an escape and a retirement. Years prior James had a friend that bought an at-home brewing kit. James tried his own and ended up with a big mess in his kitchen. He went back to the brew shop and the woman there mentioned a homebrew day workshop. Intent on getting it right, James attended the workshop, and after that, he was hooked. From then on, he periodically brewed for fun but realized it would be a good business venture. The story behind the name goes back to his days in the Army. Gladiator was one of his call signs when he was deployed and to them, it seemed like a natural choice. They give all their beers a Latin-based name because it ties into the language base of the gladiator era and Roman culture.
As for their brews, James is the master brewer and Funda is the seltzer queen. Funda makes all the custom syrup flavors that go into the seltzers. She makes them with real ingredients. If the seltzer is based on a candy, then she’ll put the actual candy in the syrup to make it as authentic as possible. She tries to switch up the flavors and not reuse them more than once a year, so if there is a flavor you want to try you have to get it while it lasts. James makes the bases for the seltzers and beers. He researches base recipes using historic documents, tradition, and old brewing laws. They modify their water profile by adding minerals to mimic the waters of the countries they are trying to replicate. That then becomes the canvas to which they build and add the grains that they import from the regions in which the beers come. So, if you’re having a German beer, you can expect an authentic German beer.
They’ve recently started serving brunch. It’s a European-style breakfast spread, where everything comes to the table. Each person gets to choose the kind of eggs they want. Most of the food they serve is European-based and matches the regions of the beer they have on tap. Just like the brews, the food is authentic. They don’t Americanize any of their dishes and pride themselves on being a scratch kitchen. If you want to expand your horizons, and experience true European dining, head on over to Gladiator Brewing at 214 Tiny Town Road.
Quick Kitty Delivery

Quick Kitty Delivery

Who has used a delivery service for food or groceries recently? Well did you know that there is a LOCAL option?!! We are so excited to introduce you to this week’s #featurefriday Quick Kitty Delivery .
Quick Kitty will deliver pretty much anything! They of course deliver the traditional stuff like food and groceries, but they’ll also deliver alcohol, clothes, auto parts, home appliance, home improvement items and medical prescriptions. Unlike other delivery services that charge the merchants extreme prices to use the service, Quick Kitty DOESN’T charge the merchants anything!
The concept came about a couple years ago when co-founder Austin Mason found a lack of quick delivery options for construction material. Once a truck is on the road it won’t stop until it reaches its destination, so any last-minute orders would usually take at least a day to get. Time is money in the construction world, so having to wait days for material could cost you. He wants to close that gap and make last-mile deliveries from business to consumer or business to business an easy option.
From there it was a natural progression to open it up to all delivery options. If, for example, you buy a large item from someone and don’t have a way to pick it up. You can head over to the Quick Kitty app and get a bid for how much it would cost to get it delivered. Another cool feature they offer is on-demand services. From plumbers to home cleaners, you can find and schedule from hundreds of the finest service providers in your area.
For more information about Quick Kitty head over to their page and check the app store to download their app.
Evill Nash

Evill Nash

Happy New Year Clarksville! We hope you’ve had a great one so far! We’re excited to continue to showcase all the great businesses in Clarksville. For our first #FeatureFriday of 2022, we want to introduce you to Evill Nash Brewing Co. owned and operated by James Miller.
James’s brewing journey started out in San Diego. He was working at a restaurant brewery as a delivery driver and was asked to help the brewer because he was the only person available. A few years later he was given another opportunity to get into brewing and ended up falling in love with it. From there he quit his job and pursued brewing full time.
James made his way to Clarksville in 2015 after falling in love with Tennessee on a previous visit. He originally wanted to open a brewery in Nashville, but the cost made Clarksville a more desirable location. Evill Nash Brewing was officially opened in 2019. He writes his own brewing recipes and tries to stay away from the traditional methods. His beers change in and out depending on what he has to work with and his own imagination.
Some flavors are inspired by other food and drinks, whereas others are just spur of the moment. Recently he was eating beaver nuggets and was inspired to make a beer of the same flavor. He has made beers inspired by popular cocktails. He has one coming out that’s called the Dark and Stormy which is based on the cocktail of the same name. In the past, he has had Margarita IPAs and Pina Colada beers. James’s willingness to experiment with different flavors and techniques make Evil Nash different from other breweries. He doesn’t play it safe. The beers on tap are constantly rotating. However, this year he will bring four staple beers that will be available year-round.
Let us know if you’ve tried Evil Nash and what your favorite flavor has been! If you haven’t tried their unique blends, head on over to 232 10th Street and give them a try. Don’t forget to follow their page to find out what beers they’ll have on tap as well as any special musical guests that will be stopping by.