Smokin Chikin

Smokin Chikin offers gourmet-level rotisserie chicken inspired by diverse  flavors from around the world. Our mission is to provide freshly prepared food of great quality at a value, while delivering superb guest service that compliments the dining experience.

Family is important to us, we’re family-run, we treat our employees as family and we want our guests to feel like family when they are here. From our guest service to our tone and atmosphere, family is everything!

We focus on bringing the world to our food, and worldly food to our guests.

From the many options of diverse flavors of chicken, to our freshly prepared side items, and into our acceptance of all people, smokin chikin is truly diverse.

Here at smokin chikin we pride ourselves in using chickens that are always fresh and never frozen, delivered locally several times a week.

1820 Tiny Town Rd Suite A


594 Fire Station Rd Clarksville, TN


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