ParaPooper Scoopers

Hi, my name is Chris Fadely. I am a 20 year retired Army veteran who is living in the Clarksville area. After I retired, I did start a corporate job, but like many of those in the civilian world, COVID forced my company to have to make some tough decisions. As I was sitting around, drinking coffee, watching the news 24/7 and doing small chores around the house, my mind was spinning with sending resumes out and trying to find a new job. One of my weekly chores was cutting the grass and as a pet owner, I preferred not to step in poop or, almost worse, get poop all over my lawn mower wheels. I could not fathom other people didn’t feel the same way I did. After doing some research, much to my surprise there was not a company offering poop scooping service locally. Out of that was born ParaPooper Scoopers. Please check out our website,, and let me know if I can assist you in any way.

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