Hellooo #FeatureFriday – it’s been too long! In July of 2020, Lloyd Nicely and Sarah Jones brought Mom and Dad’s Music to downtown Clarksville. They opened the store with an inventory of seven guitars and some strings (in the middle of a pandemic, no less.) Fast forward to today where they have recently relocated Mom and Dad’s thriving business to a new location, and also opened another store, The Guitar Haunt. As the name insinuates, The Guitar Haunt is home to many vintage guitars, as well as the cool and unusual.
Lloyd was born in Knoxville but grew up here in Clarksville. His father was a bluegrass musician, and his mother would often drop him off at Gruhn Guitars in Nashville, where he would hang out for hours with the musicians that frequented the store. Aside from working as a musician, Lloyd would later work at Gruhn, which is where he met Sarah in 2012.
Lloyd and Sarah both have a genuine passion for the instruments that come into their lives. At The Guitar Haunt, they end up crossing paths with many vintage guitars with rich histories. It is their goal to find the person that “belongs” to each of these instruments. If you have a guitar that you have questions about, Lloyd is definitely the man to talk to! The Guitar Haunt is open noon-6pm Thursday though Saturday.
335 Academy Ave.
Mom and Dad’s new location at 230 S. 10th St. is open Tuesday through Saturday from 11am-6pm. They’re a full service store with guitars, bass guitars, ukeleles, mandolins and banjos. Instruments range from affordable to high end. They also offer repairs and lessons at this location.
We encourage you to check out both of these locations! When you do, please let them know that LOCAL sent you, and if you see their adorable dog Waylon while you’re there, give him some love from LOCAL too! 🧡