We love sharing about the people behind local businesses and are excited to introduce you to Coach Storm Sims from Soar Over Obstacles. Soar Over Obstacles is a parkour and Ninja Warrior style gym located at 1191 Fort Campbell Blvd. Suite I. It’s a place for conquering obstacles, whether they be the actual equipment in the gym, or the many mental and physical obstacles we all face in life.
Coach Storm started working as a trainer at the age of 16, and never stopped. He joined the Army Reserves at age 18 and became an active duty Soldier at 20 years old. He later made his way to Special Forces and served at Fort Campbell with 5th Special Forces Group from 1994-2015. Storm worked his way through several positions from SF Medical SGT, to Company Medic, BN Senior Medic and Team SGT. Throughout his career, he cared for people from his fellow soldiers to the peoples of various host countries.
As a parkour, ninja, and Spartan SGX coach, Storm is now spending his days training, motivating, and cheering on people of all ages and learning abilities. He has classes for everyone from preschool through adulthood, from kids seeking a sport they can enjoy and fully participate in, to adults looking to improve their health and fitness. Coach Storm is a helper by nature, and quite possibly one of the most patient people on Earth. (You just have to see him in action to understand.) Coach has created a place where everyone fits in, everyone gets to participate and everyone cheers each other on. There are even classes that stay on the ground for those people looking to get in shape without being airborne. 😉
Storm’s biggest motivation is seeing the internal transformation in his clients as they gain confidence and meet goals! His excitement when someone conquers an obstacle they’ve been struggling with is thoroughly contagious. He’ll be kicking off a new 6 week Body Transformation Challenge in January for those of you looking to take back your health as you go into the new year. There are also several regional Ninja and Spartan events coming up in 2023. It’s the perfect time to jump in and start something new!
The gym family is always growing and Storm is bringing on additional coaches with plans to move into a larger facility in the coming years. Be sure to follow Soar Over Obstacles to see all updates and get more information. 🧡