Who has used a delivery service for food or groceries recently? Well did you know that there is a LOCAL option?!! We are so excited to introduce you to this week’s #featurefriday Quick Kitty Delivery .
Quick Kitty will deliver pretty much anything! They of course deliver the traditional stuff like food and groceries, but they’ll also deliver alcohol, clothes, auto parts, home appliance, home improvement items and medical prescriptions. Unlike other delivery services that charge the merchants extreme prices to use the service, Quick Kitty DOESN’T charge the merchants anything!
The concept came about a couple years ago when co-founder Austin Mason found a lack of quick delivery options for construction material. Once a truck is on the road it won’t stop until it reaches its destination, so any last-minute orders would usually take at least a day to get. Time is money in the construction world, so having to wait days for material could cost you. He wants to close that gap and make last-mile deliveries from business to consumer or business to business an easy option.
From there it was a natural progression to open it up to all delivery options. If, for example, you buy a large item from someone and don’t have a way to pick it up. You can head over to the Quick Kitty app and get a bid for how much it would cost to get it delivered. Another cool feature they offer is on-demand services. From plumbers to home cleaners, you can find and schedule from hundreds of the finest service providers in your area.
For more information about Quick Kitty head over to their page and check the app store to download their app.