Welcome back, LOCAL lovers, to the last #featurefriday of 2021! Can you believe this year is almost over?! It sure has flown by. Without further ado, let us introduce you to Delectable Sweets. They specialize in keto treats that are gluten free, sugar free, and low carb.
Heather Fassett is the mastermind behind Delectable Sweets. She started out as a home baker using traditional ingredients. Originally wanting to open a classic baking store front. However, right before opening the store, her mom was diagnosed as a type 2 diabetic. She changed her original plan and started making diabetic and celiac friendly treats.
Keto is great because it caters to so many people. If it’s made right, keto foods are diabetic friendly, celiac friendly, and great for people with autoimmune disorders. A lot of people with health issues can’t go to a lot of places and purchase products, but at Delectable Sweets they can buy everything. The store rotates their menu through more than 100 menu items and are always playing in the kitchen and making new things. So, you’ll never get bored!
When planning out new menu items, they find recipes, try them out and figure out what needs to be changed. With a lot of keto recipes, either the flavor is good, and the texture is terrible, or vice versa. Heather has spent so much time in the kitchen that she knows just what a dish will need to make it good enough for her shelves.
Speaking of new menu items, they debuted their new hot cocoa bombs yesterday! If you’re keto or diabetic, one thing you can’t seem to find is hot cocoa bombs that aren’t full of sugars and carbs. Heather found a way to rectify that! About 2 weeks ago, they started making their own cocoa mix to nail down the inside. For the outside, they use Lily’s chocolate, a stevia sweetened chocolate. You can drink it with almond milk or water to keep it lower carb.
We can’t talk about Delectable Sweets without mentioning Nicoletta’s Catering. Before the store opened, Nicoletta was a huge help to Heather. He helped when she had the ideas, but not necessarily the means or the business sense. So, THANK YOU for helping bring Clarksville Delectable Sweets, it’s a treat to have! 😉
To find out when Delectable Sweets is open, and what their menu items will be, follow their page for updates.