Hey hey local lovers! We’ve got a good #featurefriday for ya this month. We’re sure you’ve heard of them, they have been around since 1998, any guesses? If you guessed Oddball Media and Music (formerly CD Warehouse) then you were right! If you don’t recognize that name, you might recognize CD Warehouse.
Oddball Media and Music originally opened in 1998 as CD Warehouse. The owner Chris opened the store simply because he liked music. He wasn’t gifted with the ability to play music, but the store allows him to interact with people who have the same interests. The CD Warehouse franchise eventually went out of business. Chris wanted to keep serving the community and transitioned the store to Oddball Media and Music. He even had a contest for the customers to come up with the name. Oddball was the winner.
In the store, you can find loads of CDs, DVDs, video games, vinyl, cassettes, and collectibles from local distributors. They will also buy and sell your new and used items. They have something for everyone, and if they don’t, you can let them know and they will see about ordering what you’re looking for.
Make sure you guys go check out Oddball Media and Music (formerly CD Warehouse) page and help us congratulate them on 23 years.