We stopped into a hidden gem in the heart of Clarksville a while back and were completely surprised at what we found. Did you know there was a very cultured African market here in Clarksville? The Dagan African Market is right off Fort Campbell Blvd and is a family-owned operation by Adolph Dagan.

About Adolph Dagan

Adolph, originally from Togo, moved to America (IL) and joined the US Army. The Army brought him to Ft. Campbell where he served his term and got out in 2009. He loved serving his country but felt it was time to move on and start a new venture.

After getting out of the military in 2009, Adolph got a job as a teacher (teaching French) at Rossview Middle School and worked on getting his college degree during this time.

Since 2004, even before the Army, it has always been his dream to open his own business so he can bring some of his own country to Clarksville. However, he just didn’t feel the timing was right.

After years of debating back and forth, he decided to pull the trigger in August of 2019 because he saw an increase in the demand for an African Market. Previously, everyone had to drive all the way to Nashville for this!

About the Market

The Dagan African Market has so much more than you may think from the outset. They are loaded with real, organic foods from all over the world.


Everything from Yams, to authentic Clothing from Togo & Ghana, to organic toothpaste (from neem), raw honey, essential oils, and so many different types of leaves and spices!

One of the top selling items is actually a product that makes you *gain* weight. It’s called “epidoma” and Adolph said he cannot keep it in stock!

The thing that surprised me the most was just how *raw* everything was. It’s certainly a store that stocks its shelves with only the best, quality ingredients. You can get all types of raw fish, goat, chicken, and other meats from their huge stock of freezers.






The Dagan African Marketing is located at 1681 Fort Campbell Blvd, Suite D, here in Clarksville and is looking to expand in the future! Go check them out and tell them we sent you!

– Wes Foster – WesFoster.com – @realwesfoster