Bethlehem Mexican Bakery is a family-operated bakery in Clarksville, right outside of Ft. Campbell. They’ve been serving the city of Clarksville since 2011 and offer a huge variety of foods, desserts, and cultural snacks.

We stopped in here to learn more about the business and family and were pleasantly surprised at just how much was packed into this building!


Where it all started


The Bethlehem Mexican Bakery originally started in 2011 in a small ~1800 square feet office in Clarksville. Diego says, “It was small, but it was perfect. We made it work, opened up shop, and were so happy when we made our first sale of $70!”

Since then, the family has had to upgrade the building to accommodate the increase in demand!

The current location, which they moved into in 2016, is about 3,000 square feet. Inside, you’ll find a nice dining area, shelves upon shelves of pastries and desserts, and a huge menu detailing all the different foods they serve, including empanadas and burritos!

Diego and his family love serving the Clarksville area and specifically outside of Ft. Campbell because the culture is so diverse in the area.

What makes them unique

Bethlehem bakery, staying true to their culture, makes everything from scratch–with many of the recipes being passed down through multiple generations! Diego, one of the two sons who actively work in the business, walked us around and gave a grand tour of the shop!


The baked-goods in this unique bakery tend to be less sweet than what you may be used to in a traditional American bakery. For this reason, customers from all over the map come in to get a taste of the not-so-sweet, but still-so-delicious desserts.

The majority of the desserts and pastries are under $1.50 and Diego says that you cannot beat that price. Since everything is handmade from scratch every morning, he can tell you every ingredient that goes into each and every pastry.

Go check them out!


Bethlehem Mexican Bakery is a Christian bakery (hence the name “Bethlehem”) and their family whole-heartedly believes in the golden rule and treats every customer like family. Be sure to stop by their bakery and tell them we said hey!

Wes Foster