February 15, 2019

Hooray, it’s Friday!!!

It’s been a great week here in Clarksville with so much excitement amongst our local businesses!! We hope you are following along and getting in on the fun as well!

In this edition of Feature Friday, please say hello to Hey Noli! This gem of a store is located downtown, at 106 N. Second Street. Hey Noli was opened up by the lovely Elizabeth back in March of 2017. Any given day, you will find her and/or her mother Jennifer behind the counter. We truly enjoy visiting with them every time we stop in, even from the first time you meet them, they feel like old friends. Elizabeth originally opened the store in Nashville, but it just didn’t feel like home there, with mostly tourists visiting the store. Here in Clarksville, it is so much different, as she gets to see her customers and their families on a regular basis and thoroughly enjoys getting to know each of them!

You may have heard that Hey Noli was a baby store, but that is just one (super cute!) section of the store! They have things for just about everyone. Their most popular items come from their organic skincare lines. They have several great brands with unique products to choose from. You will also find women’s clothing and some home goods here as well. The brands that Elizabeth has chosen to carry are mainly those that are made by small companies in the US, and some of the brands, such as ABLE, have a mission as well, which we absolutely adore. <3

Hey Noli is all about collaborating and supporting other local businesses as well. Look for more pop ups in the future, like the one she had this week with Thistle Sweets TN and Hello Buttercup Flowers, which was so much fun! There will also be some fun new updates happening very soon! Be sure to stop in soon and say hi, and find something special for yourself or someone you love!

I’ll be back next Friday from another great locally owned business!! Check back then, and come say hello on the CM Instagram page in the meantime! Have a great week! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)