February 8, 2019

Today, Faith’s Feature Friday is all about classic Clarksville, a Clarksville icon, if you will. 

Johnny’s Big Burger, located at 428 College Street, just across from APSU, has been feeding hungry college students and the rest of Clarksville since 1965. Although Johnny retired five years ago, his nephew Justin took the reins to keep Johnny’s alive, and for that, we thank him! Justin’s father and several other family members worked in the diner throughout the years, even Justin started helping out and learning the business when he was just 13 years old.

Johnny’s cheeseburgers are their top selling item, and with good reason! Their beef is always fresh, as they have it ground daily. It’s purposely ground three times, which is unique to Johnny’s, and you can certainly taste the difference! My personal favorite (and I am guessing a lot of Clarksville’s) is of course the Honeybun and ice cream, aka bun-n-cream. If you have never been so fortunate to have one, it is a honeybun, grilled to crispy perfection, served with vanilla ice cream on top. I almost had to pull an old picture for this because as soon as it hit the counter in front of me, I started eating it! Luckily, there was enough there to photograph after I spun the plate. ????

At Johnny’s, they work hard, so that you can have the best! This is a tradition started with Johnny in 1965 and proudly carried out to this day. Friendly staff members like Chevy, Debbie, and Alan actually care and work hard to prepare and deliver your food, made to order! If you’ve never been, you might want to go ahead and remedy that, especially if you’re craving a burger! Please note, Johnny’s is a cash only establishment, but if you forget your cash, there is an atm near the door. 

Special thanks to Brandon at Briggs for mentioning Johnny’s as one of their favorite locally owned spots! Check back next week to see who sends me where! ???? I am loving getting to share the many unique places here in Clarksville! See you next week, or of course, you can always come say hi on our Instagram page! – Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)