February 1, 2019

Is it Friday already??

I hope everyone has a had a great week and is looking forward to the upcoming warmer temps as much as I am!! This week’s Feature Friday location was mentioned by more than one business owner, and also happens to be one of my favorite places to visit as well. Journey’s Eye Studio, located at 131 Franklin Street, was opened by Steve and Jody, three years ago. They had lived and raised their family in Boston, where Jody had been working in interior design and Steve was a home builder by day, and craftsman by night. When it came time to “retire” – they started looking for the perfect, up and coming city to open their store. After much searching, they came to Clarksville to visit Steve’s brother, who had retired from the military and stayed here. They also liked what they found here, had dinner at the Blackhorse one evening, and noticed the building for sale across the street and that was all she wrote! 

At Journey’s Eye, you will find a carefully curated collection of a great variety of items, and best of all, hospitality and friendly faces. There’s always a warm welcome from whoever is working that day, you can even sit and play a game of chess, enjoy some coffee or hot cocoa, and there are always goldfish and animal crackers waiting for the littles! (If you are a crazy photographer, they don’t even look at you funny when you ask if you can lay in the floor and photograph their ceiling. ????) You can also spot some of Steve’s handiwork here in the store, and basically all over downtown, at places like The Copper Petal, Roux, and Strawberry Alley. 

If you are looking for a fun date night, watch their social media for tickets to monthly concerts with a variety of touring artists. It’s always a relaxed atmosphere and a fun evening! The next one is coming up February 23.

I asked Jody what they love about Clarksville and she had the best answer! She mentioned the people, and the camaraderie, and the fact that we try to enjoy, or celebrate each day, and then she summed it up with, “people take the time to love each other here.” <3 So stop in and check out all of the beautiful things that Jody has found, and enjoy their hospitality! 

Thanks to all who suggested Journey’s Eye, and stay tuned next week to see who is next! I have suggestions from several places now and am working my way through them all!! I am thinking about some yummy food for next week! See you then, or over on our IG page in the meantime! – Faith (@Faith Doggett Photography)