January 18, 2019

It is time for another Feature Friday by Faith!

Thanks to our followers naming some of their fav local spots on Ft. Campbell Blvd, I found Smoove’s Grill! I know Tara and Eleyce have been there before, but I never knew about it, and I loooove bbq and smoked foods. So, off I went!

Thanks to Smoove and his brother Trevor for showing me around in the rain yesterday! It was a quick visit because they were busy of course, but man oh man, we all loved our dinner last night!! We had the brisket (which you might know I’m a sucker for, if you follow us on Instagram) and some pulled pork as well. We really enjoyed both of those meats, but I must say, the smoked mac and cheese was amazing! My favorite comfort food + smoke flavor =????! Looking at the pictures, I am sorry I didn’t grab some of those chicken wings too! They even had a special menu item yesterday with smoked turkey chili, which looked and smelled so yummy. 

Smoove’s is in it’s third year of business now, but Smoove has been grilling meat since he was a kid, and started smoking meats about four years ago. (We are so glad he did!) So, if you are on the other side of town and love smoked foods, it’s definitely worth a trip up North to get some. Be prepared for a little wait time as they tend to be a busy spot! They are open Wednesday through Saturday from 11a-7pm at 2167 Ft. Campbell Blvd. Please note they will be closed next week, Jan 23rd-26th, so go get your grub on this week, or you’ll have to wait until the 30th!

Have another great week, I’ll see you next Friday! ~ Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)