January 11, 2019

Hello Clarksville, it’s Friday!!

Woohoo, we made it through another work week! ???? It’s time for another Friday Feature by Faith, and this week we paid a visit to The Copper Petal, downtown, at 127 Franklin Street. The Copper Petal is a women’s clothing store that has seen tremendous growth. Owned by Megan Baggett and her husband Luke, The Copper Petal started as a booth boutique at Miss Lucille’s, and in July of 2018, they added the storefront downtown. They also have an online store, and have just added warehouse space as well!

The Baggetts enjoy creating a feeling of community in their store, and it shows. Megan said she really enjoys getting to see and know each of her customers as they come in. The store has a very warm atmosphere, and the staff are always eager to help you find the perfect outfit or gift. You can shop for anything you need from beanies to footwear, and everything in between. You will even find some special occasion dresses or the perfect hair tie, and great gift items as well. They, of course, carry some trendy clothes, but they also have classic wardrobe pieces to choose from as well. I highly recommend paying them a visit if you haven’t already and seeing what perfect pieces you can add to your wardrobe! Oh, and definitely check their social media to see some great events that are coming up at the store!

Thanks to Roux and Journey’s Eye staff for nominating The Copper Petal for this week’s feature! Luke and Megan are great supporters of local businesses here in town, she listed SO MANY great places for me to choose from for a future Friday Feature, so stay tuned to see who that will be! Next week, I will be featuring another business on the Fort Campbell side of town thanks to the great suggestions y’all gave last week! Until then, I’ll see you on Instagram! -Faith (Faith Doggett Photography)